Dear Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to Perris Lake High School! We hope your son/daughter will enjoy their stay here and are successful in meeting their short-term educational goals as well as gaining certain skills that will assist them in whatever their career may be.

THE GOAL: Our goal at Perris Lake High School is to create an atmosphere that allows your son or daughter to feel safe, engaged in the process of learning, and cared for while attending our school as they progress forward in achieving what we all want to occur for all of our students: to graduate.

GRADUATE: A graduate from The Lake is required to have one hundred and eighty five credits (185) which includes passing one year of Algebra I.

SCHEDULE/CREDITS: Perris Lake High School has a trimester schedule with thirty credits available, 6 periods a day. That gives your son/daughter the opportunity to take and pass 90 credits for the school year, a full semester worth of credits more than on a traditional schedule. The bell schedule is currently being created through negotiations and when it is available we will share that will you via a phone call, email, the school web page (, and text messaging through our Remind app. We will continue to offer still another opportunity for your son/daughter to gain credits through our A+ computer labs.

TRANSPORTATION: Busing is available but only for those 5 miles from the site. Information can be found on our web site and at the front desk, as well as during orientation. Perris Lake has an area for bikes to be locked up and skateboard racks for skateboards and scooters. The school will supply the combination locks to our students with the understanding they are to leave the lock on the rack at all times and not take them home.

CELL PHONES: Perris Lake is going to work hard, and consistently, to handle the distraction of phones in the classroom. Although learning in the 21st century is 24/7, the staff at Perris Lake and any other school in this country has learned that the greatest distraction to our students, and therefore to their ability to progress in their march towards graduation, is the use of the cell phone in the classroom. With that said, and we need parent support for this happen, I am asking that your student leave the phone at home. A phone is simply a device that takes them everywhere other than where we need them to be: focused on what is in front of them in the classroom. If they use it in class, we will take it and ask you to come and pick it up.

COMMUNICATION WITH PARENTS: Lastly, the staff at Perris Lake believes that the most important thing we can do is get to their heart with the understanding it is the path to their head. We care about your son/daughter as an individual and understand that they have so many things running through their minds at any given moment. There will be students on our campus that have struggled at school for every other reason other than being bright and capable of doing wonderful things. Success at Perris Lake involves your participation to the greatest degree. With that said, we are asking parents to give us legitimate and correct cell phone numbers so we can text concerns and accomplishments directly to you instead of sending an email. Also, all parents will be asked to upload the Remind app (text app) to their mobile phone so direct communication with the Principal is possible at any given moment. This process will take place during Orientation for new students and a conference phone call for all others. This will make communication much more efficient and much more immediate. Also: check out our Facebook page on our web site! Lots of information on both sites.

It is my belief that we can do great things for your son/daughter. All we need is their effort. We are academic because we are a school; we listen and act for the benefit of our students and parents because we are a member of the community. I believe it takes a village to raise a child and the staff at Perris Lake are ready to make that commitment. I simply ask you to do the same as we actively prepare your son/daughter for that final push towards graduation.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Dean P. Hauser


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