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Mission Statement

"At Perris Lake High School, our mission is to foster a dynamic learning environment where every student is viewed through the lens of equity. We are committed to promoting academic success and mental well-being as our foremost priorities. Recognizing that we are more than just a school, but a home for our students, we strive to empower and inspire.

Our commitment to equity extends beyond the classroom, reaching into the very fabric of our community. By building strong and inclusive relationships, we aim to create a safe and nurturing space for students, parents, and community members alike. In doing so, we believe that by empowering our students, we not only restore hope within our immediate community but also contribute to a broader societal transformation.

Understanding that the journey to purpose is unique for each student, we dedicate ourselves to unlocking their full potential. As educators, we recognize the profound impact we have on young minds, and we view this responsibility as a powerful force for positive change. We are dedicated to changing lives one student at a time, knowing that this transformative process will ultimately contribute to changing the world.

In essence, our mission at Perris Lake High School is to create an environment where equity, safety, and community relations converge, laying the foundation for a brighter future for all. Together, we inspire, empower, and shape lives, forging a path towards a more just and compassionate world."

Principal's Message

Greetings to our Falcon family and community members, 

My name is Lee Alfred and I am the proud principal of Perris Lake and Scholar Plus Online Learning Academy. Now in my 3rd year, I couldn't be more happy about the culture we are building here at the Perris Alternative Education. We encourage you to follow us on social media as we highlight our recent graduates and all  upcoming activities. Our staff members live by one motto which is our priority for all students to flourish. "Perris Lake is more than a school. It is a foundation where hope is restored. The ability to help young minds find their purpose is the most powerful thing we can do as educators. We change lives one student at a time. And that will change the world." And that is why our students succeed. 

Lee Alfred 

Perris Alternative Education

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