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The Main Office at the Lake

Phone: (951) 657-7357
Fax: (951) 940-5305

Attendance Clerk:

Yolanda Guerrero

All absences are to be cleared within 72 hours. All notes must be written in ink and turned in to the Attendance Clerk on the first day the student returns to school. Notes must state: student’s name, grade, dates(s) and reason for the absence.


Rudy Lima

Students are encouraged to meet with the counselor during passing periods, lunch time and before and after school. They may request to speak to the counselor during class time if it is urgent. Parents may set up meetings by emailing or calling the counselor to ensure that her schedule is clear.

Transcript Requests:

Denise Inzauro

If you need to request an official copy of your transcript please note there is a $5 per_copy fee. We accept Cash & Money Orders only. Thank you.You can come into our office to fill out a request form or print and mail this Transcript Request Form with your payment. Please note: Official transcripts can not be released until all fees owed to the district have been cleared.


Erica Hulstrom

If you have any books or fees owed to the library, you may contact Ms. Hulstrom via phone or email to find out which books and the total fees due.